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This book explains all of the necessary steps that beginners will need to learn the art of...
This book explains all of the necessary steps that beginners will need to learn the art of folding, starting with how paper is manufactured, the basic folding techniques and even folding frames. The techniques shown here can be used in infinite variations throughout all areas of design and are suitable for any sheet materials. You will learn how to stretch, compress, fan, twist, duplicate and to mirror folded systems. The book also demonstrates how to adapt the folding techniques to suit particular circumstances and how to take simple ideas to develop your own, original folded shapes. Diagrams and photos guide you through each stage of the techniques. There are also over 60 practical examples from architecture, fashion and design that illustrate how they are used. Includes an English-language DVD with 23 video sequences demonstrating the various folding techniques.
    • Pages303
    • Bindinghardcover
    • Illustrationsnumerous photographs drawings and sketches
    • Size195 x 260 mm
    • LanguageGerman
    • PublisherPaul Jackson
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    Discover product in our flip catalogue:
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