Bad Axe »Stiletto« Dovetail Saw, Rip-Cut, Regular Handle Size

Bad Axe back saws The hand-sharpened saw blade, made of Swedish spring steel, is attached to a...
Precise, efficient back saws with excellent cutting performance that produce clean cuts. Triangular teeth that cut on the push stroke, especially for dovetail joints. The minimum set makes it easier to saw a straight line. Regular size = 91-98 mm hand size.

Bad Axe back saws
The hand-sharpened saw blade, made of Swedish spring steel, is attached to a gunmetal-finished steel back that allows it to be tightened or, when necessary, completely replaced. The hickory handles (different sizes available according to hand size) are secured with traditional brass split-nut screws.
The Bad Axe Back Saws Difference:
  • Sized handles guaranteed to fit your hand
  • Traditional folded sawbacks that prevent kinking your plate and allows you to retension your toothline at will (see video)
  • Hammer-set toothline that precisely locks in a kerf width most appropriate to the plate gauge
  • Legendary sharpening excellence
  • Customised saws (back, handle and fastener material on choice) available on special order
Advantages of tapered saw blades:
  • Less weight on the saw blade
  • Centre of mass is closer to the handle for a more balanced saw
  • Faster and more aggressive cutting; if the back of the saw is held horizontally during cutting, each tooth is lower than the one before, resulting in faster stock removal
    • Blade length 305 mm
    • Overall length 430 mm
    • Cut depth 42 mm
    • Blade thickness 0.46 mm
    • Setting 0.64 mm
    • Triangular teeth for rip cuts 1.8 mm
    • ppi 15
    Bad Axe offers a lifetime guarantee on materials and workmanship! (Damage caused by improper use is not covered).
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    Brand Bad Axe
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