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Japanese Woodblock Printing „Fujimigahara in Owari Province“

Japanese Woodblock Printing (Ukiyo-e) Developed at the beginning of the 17th century in Edo,...
Japanese Woodblock Printing (Ukiyo-e)
Developed at the beginning of the 17th century in Edo, woodblock prints brought Japanese culture and its unique aesthetic to the world like no other art form. Pictures of water, scenes from the theater and houses of pleasure, landscapes and nature, or historical events were created by artists obsessed with carving each detail into cherry-wood plates and printers who reproduced each painting for the masses. The prints presented here were created in the same painstaking manner. The scenes are reproductions of original motifs created by artists with decades of experience in woodblock carving (up to 12 woodblocks are used for each print) and using high-quality plant-based paint rubbed onto handmade paper with the traditional Baren rubbing pad.
In his 60-year career, the artist Hokusai (1760 - 1849) brought the art of woodblock printing to its pinnacle. Continually introducing new elements and with a productivity that was unparalleled, he left a life’s work of over 30,000 woodblock carvings and 500 book illustrations. We are pleased to present four examples from his series „Thirty-Six Views of Fuji“, which are renowned as the ultimate in Japanese prints.
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    Japanischer Farbholzschnitt „Fujimigahara in der Provinz Owari“


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