Laksen »Shotmaster« Shooting Glasses

When hunting, shooting and aiming at a distance, the shooter needs a particularly trained and...
When hunting, shooting and aiming at a distance, the shooter needs a particularly trained and good eye to be able to perceive distant targets well. In cooperation with certified shooting instructors and sport and competition shooters from various countries, Laksen developed the two goggles »Shotmaster« and »Sunmaster« over a period of two years. In hunting and sport shooting, optimal vision in different conditions plays a fundamental role and can decisively influence accuracy. Another important aspect of shooting glasses is the protection of the eye from flying particles, powder fumes, bullet fragments and whipping branches.
In cooperation with the award-winning designer Henrik Bønnelycke, Laksen developed the two models »Shotmaster« and »Sunmaster«. Henrik Bønnelycke is not only an internationally renowned designer, but also a passionate shooter and hunter. The approach was to develop shooting glasses that are functional and fashionable at the same time.
The ultra-light and only 0.4 mm slim frame, the shape and the colours of the lenses serve to improve the perception of the eye and at the same time provide optimum wearing comfort, even when using traditional ear/hearing protection. The featherweight design and high tech materials deliver shooting glasses at a total weight of only 18 grams a pair. Due to the highly flexible frame, lenses are easily interchangeable without using any kind of tools.
However, not only were style and functionality important in the development of the two models, both glasses are also impressive in terms of safety. The impact certified lenses will provide you with optimum protection for your eyes. Should the unthinkable happen, chances are that your eyes will not be damaged or your sight lost. Apart from the EN166 and ANSI Z87.1 impact certification, the Laksen field test shows that the lenses, as a minimum, will withstand a typical clay shooting steel shot (24 g, size 7) from as close as 15 meters, without any penetration or splintering.
With the different colours of the lenses, you will always have the best view in every situation. The right choice of glass helps the shooter to identify the target more quickly and to observe game. Tinted lenses in green have a particularly high colour fidelity. This has the advantage that they distort the colour perception of your surroundings the least compared to other tints. Yellow lenses are ideal in foggy or cloudy weather, orange lenses increase the contrast of clay pigeons in sunny weather, and purple lenses increase the contrast of clay pigeons on a green background. With the right tint of the lenses, the eye is significantly less stressed, environments can be perceived better, and the eye tires less, ensuring faster reflexes and better targeting.
  • Single piece frame, no hinges, screws or weldings
  • Highly flexible 0.4 mm matte black stainless steel
  • Frame weight 4 grams only
  • Comfortable when using traditional hearing protection
  • Five different lens colours as standard
  • Lenses EN166 impact approved
  • Lenses ANSI Z87.1 impact approved
  • Lightweight lenses, weighing only 14 grams
  • Lenses are »single-lenses« on the »Sunmaster«. Lenses are »full-screen« lenses on the »Shotmaster«
  • Both models are unisex, and allow for easy adjustment to fit most head shapes and sizes.
  • Designed, engineered and made in Denmark
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    In 1977, Laksen Sporting began producing quality clothing for hunting and fly fishing, and not least, handmade fly fishing rods, on a small scale in house. Everything was designed, manufactured and sold exclusively in Denmark. In 1979-1980 this changed rapidly, as Laksen Sporting was granted the first European license to manufacture clothing with waterproof Gore-Tex technology. Being one of the first brands to offer real waterproof garments to hunters and fly fishers in Europe, Laksen Sporting grew quickly and the export adventure started. Garments for hunting and shooting soon became the majority of their business and by the end of the 1990s the focus was solely on hunting and shooting. In 1999, they introduced the first lightweight and waterproof-breathable pure wool tweed products, which lead to extensive growth. Today, the continued passion for sporting adventures like shooting, stalking and hunting drives the employees of Laksen Sporting to develop excellent clothing and accessories for any kind of sporting situation in all thinkable weather conditions.

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