ZEBRANO ZX1000 Lathe, 0.75 kW (1 HP)

The ZEBRANO sets new standards for stability, quality and safety!

Robust and extremely low-vibration professional model. The solid cast iron construction is...
Motor rating 0.75 kW (1 HP) Dimensions (LxWxH) 174 x 63 x 128 mm. Weight 347 kg.
Robust and extremely low-vibration professional model. The solid cast iron construction is extremely resistant to bending and twisting because of the low bed setting and the extra-high cast iron bed with its diagonal ribs. The wide stance between the machine bed and feet ensures additional stability. The tried-and-tested asynchronous motor with its frequency converter and digital display of rotation speed ensures stepless speed settings (60-3,500 rpm) and maximum torque. The easily and quickly removable spindle guarantees speedy belt replacement without the need for dismantling any bearings. The machine bed and feet provide connection surfaces for bed extension or outwardly rotating fixtures at various heights. Height of the machine feet is adjustable up to 45 mm.
Technical data: Headstock:
  • Centre height 280 mm
  • Distance between centres 1000 mm
  • Revolving and sliding headstock with eccentric clamping and marking
  • Fine adjustment of the zero setting for precise alignment of the centres
  • Rotation speed range 60-390, 150-910, 240-1440, 410-2520, 600-3500 rpm
  • 300 mm bearing spacing for precise circular running
  • M20 connection for vacuum clamping system
  • Transparent front cover with safety switch
  • Faceplate with 24 positions
  • Hollow spindle Ø 9 mm (MK2 inner cone) with M33 x 3.5 DIN 800 threads, overflow protection groove and ejection nut
  • Integrated power outlets, e.g. for auxiliary equipment or lighting
  • LED lighting of the headstock depending on the machine state
  • 230V power connection
  • Tailstock with smooth running MK2 quill (100 mm travel)
  • Measuring scale in metric and imperial units
Tool rest:
  • Banjo with two mullion positions and a bowed form for better access when hollowing out large workpieces
  • Tool rest posts mounted eccentrically for better access to hollow spaces in smaller workpieces
Basic configuration:
  • 300 mm tool rest with 25.4 mm pin diameter
  • Tool rest extension and tailstock with eccentric clamping
  • Four-tooth spur driver Ø 24 mm MK2
  • Ejection nut M33 x 3.5 DIN 800
  • MK2 revolving centre
  • Faceplate Ø 75 mm
  • Adjustable, magnetic switch unit with dust-resistant, membrane-protected push-button

Includes German and English operating manual.
The modern design combined with unique features, solid, durable cast construction and high precision incorporates all the advantages you could wish for in a lathe.
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    Includes a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty on the construction, excluding the motor and electrical system (2 years) and consumable parts.
    Article no. 727377
    Brand ZEBRANO
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    Bed Extension for ZEBRANO, 600 mm

    Bed Extension for ZEBRANO, 600 mm

    Expands the bench bed of the ZEBRANO by 600 mm. The extension can be used for bed expansion and as an outwardly rotating fixture on the machine pedestal or on the machine bed. Fits all ZEBRANO models.

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    Tool Rest Extension for ZEBRANO Outboard Spindle

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