Powermatic 4224B Lathe

Powermatic 4224B Lathe
Very high-quality professional lathe characterised by excellent performance, quality, comfortable...
Very high-quality professional lathe characterised by excellent performance, quality, comfortable handling and long service life. This heavy, sturdy machine is entirely made of vibration-minimising and warp-resistant cast iron. The solid headstock is designed to travel up and down the entire length of the precision-milled lathe bed. Thanks to double clamping levers, the headstock always stays perfectly and securely in place and guarantees precisely aligned tips. Three belt pulleys ensure maximum torque at any speed (40-3500 rpm). Fine adjustment of the speed via a frequency converter. The low-wear, durable Poly V belt with 10 grooves provides ultra-smooth running. The safety spindle lock makes it easy to remove faceplates and chucks.
Brackets secured to the headstock and tailstock for copy work enable visual and dimensional comparison.
A catcher that can be folded over the workpiece ensures additional work safety with large or heavy pieces.
A vacuum chucking facility (incl. chuck), which operates using a compressor (not supplied) to generate the vacuum via a venturi connection, comes with the machine as standard.
A control panel with on/off switch for spindle and vacuum, a speed regulator, a reverser (clockwise/anti-clockwise), an LED speed display in rpm, a vacuum manometer and an additional, movable magnetic emergency-stop button guarantee maximum ease of use.
Technical specifications:
  • Height of centre over bed 305 mm
  • Distance between centres 1067 mm
  • Speed ranges 40-910, 80-2000 / 140-3500 rpm
  • Hollow spindle Ø 35 mm (spindle hole 16 mm, #2 MT inner cone) with M33 x 3.5 DIN 800 thread
  • Spindle indexing 4 x 25.7° / 36 x 10° / 48 x 7.5°
  • Tailstock with 9.5 mm drill hole and #2 MT quill (115 mm travel) and measuring scale
  • Motor 2.2 kW (3 hp)
  • Motor rating 230 V
  • Length 1730 mm
  • Width 710 mm
  • Height 1650 mm
  • Weight 395 kg
Basic configuration:
  • Tool rest 350 mm with 1 inch pin and tailstock with eccentric clamp
  • #2MT four-tooth spur driver Ø 25 mm
  • 75 mm faceplate
  • #2 MT revolving centre
  • vacuum chuck and connections
  • Compressed air pistol with hose
  • Catcher
  • Support for sample pieces with centring pin
  • Knockout rod with brass tip
  • Operation tools
  • Solid grey cast iron leg stand
  • Comes with English and German instructions
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    Powermatic, the »gold standard« in woodworking machinery.
    What makes Powermatic the gold standard?
    With over 90 years of experience in the industry, Powermatic builds high-quality machines. Even in industrial use, Powermatic machines guarantee precision and durability.
    Robust and durable
    With its cast iron and welded steel machines, Powermatic is renowned for its heavy-duty construction. The superb build quality gives the machines strength and rigidity but also provides a stable platform for accurate work.
    From the Accu-Fence on the bandsaw to the Feed-Logic on the drum sander, Powermatic focuses on innovations that not only improve your work but also increase safety and ease of use.
    Attention to detail
    Powermatic machines are planned down to the finest detail. The chrome-plated hand wheels and immaculate paintwork exude quality and style.
    High performance
    Powermatic builds machines with high-performance motors equipped to deal with the most demanding woodworking tasks.

    5 year manufacturer's warranty included.
    Discover product in our flip catalogue:
    Discover product in our flip catalogue:
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    Powermatic 5 year manufacturer’s warranty
    Article no. 720514
    Brand Powermatic
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    Powermatic 4224B Lathe
    Powermatic 4224B Lathe

    Article number 720514
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