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Tools – Arranged by category

Woodworking / Metalworking
Leatherworking / Papercraft tools / Upholstery
Stone carving tools
Garden tools
Power tools

What sets Dictum apart as a manufacturer and provider of premium tools is the look and feel, the ergonomic handling, the material, and the manufacturing quality of our products. First-class tools need to satisfy a broad range of criteria before we recommend and offer them to our customers.

Tools - Brands

A selection of brand-name tool manufacturers:

Tools - We recommend

Tools - Expertise

Japanese saws expertise by DICTUM

Japanese saws

Clean cuts for absolute perfection!

Hatchets and Axes tool expertise by DICTUM

Hatchets & Axes

The oldest tools used in woodworking!

Woodturning tools - Expertise by DICTUM

Woodturning tools

Everything revolves around the chisel!

Planes - tool expertise at DICTUM


Thin slivers – fine services!

Sculpting tools | Tool expertise at DICTUM

Sculpting tools

The natural extension of the artist’s hand!

Gardening tools - Expertise by DICTUM

Garden tools

Good tools are the root cause of pleasurable gardening!

Tips & tricks on handling tools

Precisely circular board - Tool tip by DICTUM

Precisely circular board

We show you how to cut a clean, precise circle!

Mortise & tenon joints - Tips & tricks by DICTUM

Mortise & tenon joints

Using a root plane to make precise mortise joints!

Building a raised bed - Tool tip by DICTUM

Raised bed

Necessary materials, recommended tools and design.

Floating corner shelf - Tool tips by DICTUM

Floating corner shelf

A step-by-step guide for building a very special corner shelf.

Tool videos

In addition to our products, we would also like to introduce you to helpful and useful video material on the topic of tools. After all, crafts are a good way to bond!

Our Download Section contains a number of product, workshop & manufacturer’s videos from our crafts gallery, including some dealing with the topic of sculpture, turning, making your own knives and leather processing. We also show you valuable and practical tips on how to handle a variety of tools.

In addition to this small selection of tool videos, you can find all of our Dictum videos neatly arranged in our Download Section.