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ProHands Cut-Resistant Gloves, Size M

Never cut your hands again when working with sharp tools, sheet metal or glass. Made of extremely...
Never cut your hands again when working with sharp tools, sheet metal or glass. Made of extremely durable Dyneema yarn*, these lightweight gloves are highly resistant to cuts caused by various types of tools. That makes them equally practical for working with glass or wood, using sharp chisels, saws or carving gouges, for gardening, forestry, and as a locksmith. The gloves are also practical in vocational centres, for freehand sculpting and in craft education. Very thin and flexible, the backs of these gloves are made of breathable fabric and the interiors are coated with non-slip rubber. The backs, interiors and cuffs are all protected. (Protection not for machine work and chainsaws). Protective category 3544 according to DIN EN 388. S = 6, M = 7, L = 8, XL = 9, XXL = 10.
* Dyneema is a high-tech fabric with a tensile strength that is approximately 15 times stronger than steel. It is used for bullet-proof vests among other things.
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    • SizeM
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    Discover product in our flip catalogue:
    Article no. 707651
    Brand ProHands
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