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HAGER Lathe HDE250, Set

HAGER Lathe HDE250, Set
This professional lathe allows you to work on heavy workpieces as well. The underframe of...
Incl. infinitely adjustable outboard attachment (maximum turning diameter 850 mm) with height-adjustable supports extending to the floor, face plate Ø 250 mm with clamp ring for chase guard.
This professional lathe allows you to work on heavy workpieces as well. The underframe of thick-walled steel ensures additional torsion resistance and highest stability, even when turning large workpieces. The cavities in the machine base as well as a case in the lower frame are filled with quartz sand for additional weight and stability. Continuously adjustable electronic speed control guarantees maximum torque at any speed. Optional gentle ramp up/down. A brake resistor guarantees short deceleration times. The safety switch at the belt door prevents unintended starting during belt change. The pivotable spindle stock allows you to turn large bowls while standing directly in front of the workpiece. The tool rest and tailstock are easily secured using a keyless eccentric clamp. Exact spindle alignment, high repeat accuracy.
  • Height of centre over bed 250 mm
  • Distance between centres 1000 mm
  • Speed ranges 150-450 / 400-1200 / 950-2900 rpm
  • Hollow spindle Ø 20 mm (#3 MT inner cone) with M33 x 3.5 DIN 800 thread and four bearings, incl. chase guard
  • Tailstock with #3 MT quill (150 mm travel) and measuring scale
  • Face-milled lathe bed
  • Underframe filled with quartz sand for additional damping of vibration
  • Three-phase motor 400 V / 1.5 kW (2 hp)
  • Power plug either 230 V or 400 V
  • Working height/axis centre 1115 mm
  • Length 1980 mm
  • Width 560 mm
  • Height 1230
  • Weight 233 / 256 kg
Basic configuration:
  • Tool rest 300 mm with 30 mm pin diameter
  • Tool rest and tailstock with eccentric clamp
  • #3 MT four-tooth spur driver Ø 24 mm
  • #3 MT revolving centre
  • Movable magnetic switch unit with toggle switch (anti-clockwise/clockwise rotation), potentiometer and emergency off
  • Knockout rod
  • Comes with German instructions
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    With over 35 years of experience in the production of turning lathes, the German company Hager has become one of the leading manufacturers. Hager offers tailored special solutions in the field of turning, and stands for high-quality, functionally well thought out products. The turning lathes are produced in accordance with DIN standards, and the long-term supply of spare parts and accessories is guaranteed. All accessories are compatible with all models.

    Incl. 2 years manufacturer's warranty.
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    Article no. 707713
    Brand Hager
    Article late December 2016 Item in stock
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    a:3:{s:2:"DE";s:26:"HAGER Drechselbank HDE250 ";s:2:"EN";s:18:"HAGER Lathe HDE250";s:2:"FR";s:25:"Tour à bois HAGER HDE250";}
    HAGER Lathe HDE250

    Article number 707712

    a:3:{s:2:"DE";s:30:"HAGER Drechselbank HDE250, Set";s:2:"EN";s:23:"HAGER Lathe HDE250, Set";s:2:"FR";s:30:"Tour à bois HAGER HDE250, jeu";}
    HAGER Lathe HDE250, Set

    Article number 707713

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