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HAGER Ball Turning Device HKD120A for HDE250

Allows you to quickly and easily produce balls without rechucking. The ball diameter depends on...
Max. ball diameter 380 mm (if the bed clearance is over 65 mm).
Allows you to quickly and easily produce balls without rechucking. The ball diameter depends on the centre height of the machines. An extended four-prong driver (available upon request) provides greater freedom of movement while working. The adjusting screws for the pivot at the top centre on twin ball races and the cutter height setting make it possible to turn balls with precision. Adjustable brake ensures accurate operation.
Basic configuration:
  • Insert holder with carbide insert
  • Two plastic trays Ø 50 mm for grinding, for ball diameter 50 to 290 mm
  • Tool holder bracket 12 x 12 mm
  • Precisely ground, non-rotating tool holder sleeve
  • Attachable shavings guard
  • Depth stop
  • Rotating plexiglass protection
Technical specifications:
  • Infinitely adjustable (without template)
  • Adjustable brake
  • Installation height 57 mm
  • Weight 9-13 kg
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    With over 40 years of experience in the production of woodturning lathes, the German company HAGER has become one of the leading manufacturers. HAGER offers tailored special solutions in the field of woodturning, and stands for high-quality, functionally well thought-out products. The turning lathes are produced in accordance with DIN standards, and the long-term supply of spare parts and accessories is guaranteed. All accessories are compatible with all models.

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