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Mid-Size Easy Hollower No. 3, True Curve

For under-cutting hollow forms. Available in three shapes, depending on the difficulty of the...
For under-cutting hollow forms. Available in three shapes, depending on the difficulty of the under-cut: straight, slightly curved or with a true curve. The replaceable carbide cutters with 93 HRC and meticulously designed blade geometry open up a simple, safe and effective way of turning, unequalled by any other turning tool. The ultra-sharp blades with an extra-long edge life are rotated until all edges are dull. Once all edges are used up, you replace the carbide cutter.
Easy handling, perfect results
Easy Wood Tools Hollowing Tools
The hollowing tools from Easy Wood Tools permit a controlled guiding for woodturning novices as well as professionals and require neither adjustment of the cutting depth nor sharpening.
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    Easy Wood Tools

    The US-based company offers a range of turning tools with replaceable carbide cutters. Designed to be kept flat on the tool rest and in a vertical positon, the tools address fatigue, safety, and efficiency. The cutters are designed to effortlessly hog away massive amounts of material for any woodturning process without the need for sharpening. Because of their simple handling and excellent results, these tools are ideal not just for beginners and hobby turners but also for professionals.

    • Overall length530 mm
    • Balde diameter9 mm
    Discover product in our flip catalogue:
    Discover product in our flip catalogue:
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