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Axminster Chuck, Clubman SK80, with Type C80 Jaws

Excellent value for money

Equipped with universal accessory mounting jaws, this chuck fits a wide range of Axminster...
Equipped with universal accessory mounting jaws, this chuck fits a wide range of Axminster accessories and jaws. The self-centering 4-jaw chuck is highly robust and versatile. Its extreme stability is supported by large threads in the scroll and jaws. The chuck body is made of stainless steel, which allows closer manufacturing tolerances. This ensures better concentricity and minimises vibrations. The max. jaw movement is 25 mm (plus safety capacity). Includes chuck key for one-handed operation.
For safety, the maximum jaw movement is limited so that when the chuck is fully opened, the threads of the scroll engage still sufficiently in the jaws.
5 year manufacturer's warranty.
Axminster Chucks
Axminster has been producing 4-jaw chucks for woodturning lathes since 1984. The English company offers a suitable chuck size for every application, not to mention excellent value for money. The chucks along with all accessories are made in England on CNC machines and have been developed over years working closely with experienced turners.
    • Weight1.3 kg (solo)
    • Ø80 mm
    • External chucking32-72 mm
    • Internal chucking52-92 mm
    • Model1 inch x 8 tpi
    Article no. 702274
    Brand Axminster
    Not on stock - more available soon
    €189.00 per piece

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    a:3:{s:2:"DE";s:61:"Axminster Spannfutter Clubman SK80, mit Aufsatzbacken Typ C80";s:2:"EN";s:49:"Axminster Chuck, Clubman SK80, with Type C80 Jaws";s:2:"FR";s:67:"Mandrin de serrage Axminster Clubman SK80, avec mâchoires Type C80";}

    Plenty of accessories and spare parts


    Extended Key for Axminster Chuck, Clubman
    Extended Key for Axminster Chuck
    The extended key allows quick and easy handling of large-diameter items.

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    Article No. 702277


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