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Chiyozuru Marking and Veneer Knife

Chiyozuru Naohide choses a slightly curved shape for his marking knife reminiscent of a Katana...
Chiyozuru Naohide choses a slightly curved shape for his marking knife reminiscent of a Katana sword, and decorated it with a hole shaped like a Japanese gourd that has been sawn out by hand, which is traditionally regarded as a symbol for luck and success in Japan. This outstanding tool is made using Blue Paper Steel, its soft layer is made from wrought iron, which has now become rare (manufactured primarily before 1900). Due to the intercalated silicon it contains, soft iron trues the waterstone during grinding and opens its pores. This is indicated by the black dots in the iron. The hollow grind on the flat of the blade allows it to be drawn quickly and precisely during sharpening. The tool carries an engraving of the name Chiyozuru. Delivered in an elegant wooden casket.
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    Chiyozuru is one of the most well-known names for plane blades and other woodworking tools in Japan. Many of these forged tools from current and previous generations are viewed as national cultural treasures in Japan. Furthermore, the tools have also received numerous awards. After a 13-year apprenticeship under his master Chiyozuru Sadahide II (72 years old), the 37-year-old Chiyozuru Naohide (4th generation) was granted permission to manufacture and sell his own tools bearing the Chiyozuru name.

    • Blade thickness4.5 mm
    • Overall length210 mm
    • Blade width23 mm
    • Bevelright
    Discover product in our flip catalogue:
    Discover product in our flip catalogue:
    Article no. 700460
    Brand Chiyozuru
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    Chiyozuru Anreiß- und Furniermesser


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