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King Arthur's Tools Carbide Abrasive Disc, Flat Face

This flat disc is only 3 mm thick and is used to mill fine grooves, make fine cuts, letterings...
This flat disc is only 3 mm thick and is used to mill fine grooves, make fine cuts, letterings and decorative grooves, e.g. on turning objects. The small rasp disc allows for fast and effective removal of material, creating fine surfaces when working along or across the grain as well as on end grain.
King Arthur's Tools Merlin2 Carbide Abrasive Discs
The sharp tungsten carbide teeth ensure fine and tear-free shaping of the wood. Rasp discs are also highly effective on bone, horn, antlers, fibreglass, plastic, solid rubber, foam core, polyurethane, soapstone and composite materials.
Fits King Arthur's Tools Merlin2 (No. 715348).
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    King Arthur's Tools

    King Arthur's Tools is a small, family-owned business in North Florida that sells products in over 55 countries worldwide. The business is a multi-award winning firm, including recognition for business ethics and innovation. The products are patented and have distinct safety and performance features.

    • Cutting width3 mm
    • Gritfine (corresponds to grit 40)
    • Disc Ø50 mm
    • Center hole10 mm
    • Max. speed13 000 rpm
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    Discover product in our flip catalogue:
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