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Lie-Nielsen Mitre Box Saw

Extra-long mitre box, designed for mitre cuts. When sawing mitres, the saw kerf is of course...
Extra-long mitre box, designed for mitre cuts. When sawing mitres, the saw kerf is of course extended. Most mitre boxes reach their limit at this point due to their compact designs. By using this mitre saw, you can obtain cut lengths of up to 320 mm. Mitre and angle cuts can therefore be sawn even when working with extreme square timbers and beams. Fits Miller's Falls Langon Mitre Boxes No. 15 1/2 C and No. 16 1/2 B.
Lie-Nielsen Saws
Sharpened by hand
Western saws of exceptional quality, optimised for specific uses. The blade teeth of Swedish spring steel are first milled and set on the machine and then fine-tuned by hand. Each saw undergoes an intensive cutting test before it leaves the factory. Handles of figured maple, secured with traditional split-nut screws, and a solid brass back complete these premium saws.
    • Blade length457 mm
    • Overall length590 mm
    • Cut depth68 mm
    • Blade thickness0.5 mm
    • Setting0.75 mm
    • Triangular teeth for cross cuts2 mm
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    Discover product in our flip catalogue:
    Article no. 712643
    Brand Lie-Nielsen
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    Lie-Nielsen Mitre Box Saw

    Article number 712643

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