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Hegner Scroll Saw Multicut-1

Hegner Scroll Saw Multicut-1
Entry model for the discriminating hobby craftsman. The motor is designed for continuous...
Constant speed of 1400 rpm.
Entry model for the discriminating hobby craftsman. The motor is designed for continuous operation, motor rating output 100 W, 230 V, 16 kg
  • Adjustable saw blade hardening
  • Saw stroke can be set to 15 and 12 mm
  • Upper section made of grey cast iron, machine table of cast aluminium, table surface is precision-ground
  • Machine table measuring 435 x 230 mm can be tilted in infinitely variable steps and also precisely at 45° thanks to scale markings
  • Clearance length 365 mm, clearance height 50 mm
  • With exhaust nozzle, Ø 35 mm
Max. cutting thickness:
  • Softwood 50 mm
  • Hardwood 40 mm
  • Non-ferrous metal 6 mm
  • Plastic 15 mm
1 set of high-quality saw blades (60 pieces), 1 plastic table insert, 1 set of operator tools, detailed instruction manual.
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    Hegner has been manufacturing precision machinery since 1938 in accordance with precision and mechanical engineering traditions from the Black Forest. For 30 years, it has specialised in machinery for woodworking, particularly scroll saws. High-precision saws from Hegner are seen as the best on the market.

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    Article no. 704802
    Brand Hegner
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    a:3:{s:2:"DE";s:31:"Hegner Dekupiersäge Multicut-1";s:2:"EN";s:28:"Hegner Scroll Saw Multicut-1";s:2:"FR";s:34:"Scie découpeuse Hegner Multicut-1";}
    Hegner Scroll Saw Multicut-1

    Article number 704802

    a:3:{s:2:"DE";s:61:"Hegner Dekupiersäge Multicut-1, mit elektr. Drehzahlregelung";s:2:"EN";s:62:"Hegner Scroll Saw Multicut-1, with Electronic Speed Regulation";s:2:"FR";s:77:"Scie découpeuse Hegner Multicut-1, avec régulateur électronique de régime";}


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