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Herdim Precision Rasp, Cabinet, »Ultra«

Herdim Precision Rasp, Cabinet, »Ultra«
Up to 10 000 teeth.
Up to 10 000 teeth.
Herdim Precision Rasps
Herdim rasps are hand-cut rasps which are manufactured in countless worksteps by the »last of their craft«. The smoothing and shaping of the blank, cutting of the teeth, meticulous hardening, annealing and trueing are typical manufacturing steps of the handmade rasp. Up to 10 000 teeth, each one raised individually with a hammer and special pointed punch, ensure smooth results without becoming clogged. Made of hardened carbon steel, the rasps are highly durable. The tangs are annealed.
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    • Cut10
    • Cut length200 mm
    • Cross-section24 x 5 mm
    Discover product in our flip catalogue:
    Discover product in our flip catalogue:
    Article no. 704724
    Brand Herdim
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    Herdim Präzisionsraspel, Kabinett, »Ultra«

    Plenty of accessories and spare parts


    Boxwood Handle, Ball-Shaped, Ferrule Diameter 20 mm

    Boxwood Handle, Ball-Shaped

    Polished boxwood, solid ferrule.

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    Article No. 701602

    Herdim Rifflers, 8-Piece Set

    Herdim® Rifflers, 8-Piece Set

    Crafted and hardened with great care by master craftspeople. For shaping convex and concave surfaces. The teeth are cut on both sides, the ends bent in opposite directions. Square mid-section. Comes in a leather roll. Flat, warding,...

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    Article No. 704599

    Precious Wood Handle, Octagonal-shaped Design, Ferrule Diameter 18 mm

    Precious Wood Handle, Octagonal-shaped Design

    Patterned after old English models. Polished surface, solid ferrule.

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    Article No. 701617


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