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Veritas Traditional Tote, large

More pronounced forward angle lean and more curved than the Veritas tote More comfortable to...
  • More pronounced forward angle lean and more curved than the Veritas tote
  • More comfortable to use on low surfaces
  • Allows you to apply more downward force to the plane
  • Based on historical plane handle design
Sizing Information:
Both styles below are available in three sizes to fit the width of your hand. To find your hand size, measure the width of your palm along your knuckles and see where it fits on the chart below.
Hand Measurement up to 75 mm - tote size small
Hand Measurement 75 - 100 mm - tote size medium
Hand Measurement 100 mm and larger - tote size large
The importance of a comfortable handle cannot be overlooked for a tool used as frequently as a bench plane. For that reason, we're offering a selection of totes that allow you to so that you can customize your plane to fit your hand size.
All are made of domestic torrefied maple - wood treated with a heating process that changes the structure of the wood at the cellular level, stabilizing it against the swelling and shrinkage caused by humidity changes.
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