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Veritas Knob Standard

This product is no longer available.
Knob Veritas Standard: Found on most of our bench planes Useful for those who alter their...
Knob Veritas Standard:
  • Found on most of our bench planes
  • Useful for those who alter their grip for differing tasks
Spherical shape
  • Measures 60 mm tall with a 45 mm diameter
  • Knob tall:
    • Good choice if you grip with your whole hand
    • Easiest for those with small hands
    • More clearance when pushing with the crook of your thumb
    • Measures 67 mm tall with a 40 mm diameter
    Knob wide:
    • Relatively flat profile
    • Large bearing surface for your palm, providing improved comfort for pressing down on the toe of the plane
    • Gives fingers more purchase when lifting the plane at the end of a stroke
    • Suitable for long or heavy planes
    • Measures 50 mm tall overall with a 50 mm diameter
    We offer three different types of knobs to allow you to customize your plane to your own personal preferred grip.
    All are made of domestic torrefied maple - wood treated with a heating process that changes the structure of the wood at the cellular level, stabilizing it against the swelling and shrinkage caused by humidity changes.
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      • ModelKnob Veritas Standard
      Article no. 702425
      Brand Veritas
      €17.00 per piece(s)

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      Article no.: 702426

      Model: Knob tall
      Price: €17.00

      Article no.: 702425

      Model: Knob Veritas Standard
      Price: €17.00

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