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DICTUM Baroque Carpenter's Hatchet, Right Bevel


Unusual, versatile carpenter's hatchet, design based on a baroque model from the 17th century....
The beam is to the left of the axe.
Unusual, versatile carpenter's hatchet, design based on a baroque model from the 17th century. Besides its main use as a hewing axe for small to medium beams and for trimming boards, the forge-welded poll means the axe is also suitable for striking. Thus it is used not only for driving in log dogs, wood nails and wedges, but also for releasing and driving together joints as well as driving heavy mortise chisels. The hand-made handle is curved on one side and allows you to swing the hatchet freely when hewing. The well-balanced shape provides an excellent grip.
DICTUM Axes and Hatchets
"A blacksmith is only as good as the craftsman who shows him how to get the best out of the tool". We develop those high-quality tools working closely with our master carpenter. They are forged in small European smithies by blacksmiths who still know the traditional hand-forging techniques.
DICTUM hatchets and axes feature:
  • Hammer-forged by hand
  • Forged from 56-57 HRC* carbon steel
  • Functional, tried-and-tested historic axe versions
  • Untreated ash handles made and set by hand
(*unless otherwise stated)
    • Blade length130 mm
    • Overall length450 mm
    • Head weight1.45 kg
    • Bevelright / for right-handed use
    Discover product in our flip catalogue:
    Discover product in our flip catalogue:
    Article no. 708454
    Brand Dictum
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    Plenty of accessories and spare parts


    Leather Sheath for DICTUM Baroque Carpenter's Hatchet
    Leather Sheath for DICTUM® Baroque Carpenter's Hatchet
    High-quality, cowhide sheath, sewn with thick thread.

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    Article No. 715176


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