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Lamello Clamex P-14, 80 Pairs

Detachable connecting fitting for panels from 16 mm

The three top reasons to use Clamex P as a standard connector: High-quality aesthetic...
The three top reasons to use Clamex P as a standard connector:
  • High-quality aesthetic solution: Differentiation from other standards
  • Saves time: Process advantages in production, transport and assembly
  • Versatile with a range of applications: One connector for all connection situations and angles. For detachable or glued connections

Clamex P is a detachable furniture fitting on the basis of the P-System anchorage and is connected with a lever. The form-locking P-System anchorage allows for an exceptionally fast and powerful anchorage in the work piece without tools. Clamex P needs neither glue nor screw, providing the woodworker with uncountable advantages in the production process and in the differentiation from standard furniture fittings. For example, Clamex P can serve to join either detachable or glued furniture mitres. The small 6 mm openings for hexagonal keys make the fitting unique and differentiate Clamex P from standard furniture fittings.
Clamex P-14 has a very small installation depth of 14 mm and is used in wood and wood composites from 16 mm thickness. Clamex P-10 has a smaller installation depth of only 10 mm and can be used for smaller material thicknesses.
  • Practically wear-free knock down fitting
  • Detachable mitre connector for 22.5°-180° angles and all butt joints
  • Minimal tool opening of just 6 mm
  • Extremely rapid, tool-free installation of fittings
  • Stackable for transport, despite integrated connector
  • High clamping force of ca. 80 kg for glueing furniture at all angles
  • Lateral tolerance for efficient installation with the Zeta P2 profile groove biscuit joiner or a CNC machine
Applications: Clamex P can be used in furniture serial production or in individual pieces as well as for interior fitting, shop fitting or trade booths.
The connecting fitting is a popular solution for open shelf units, large pieces of furniture and angled counters, while also being used as a general glueing aid. It is frequently employed as an aesthetic, high-quality connection for premium products.
  • Knock down fitting for furniture, shelf units, fitted wardrobes, kitchen manufacturing etc.
  • Glueing aid for mitres and unusual angles
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    Pioneering wood joining - Since the dawn of the company in 1944, the search for new ideas, continuous improvements and system solutions has stood at its core. Lamello solutions pay for themselves! The high-quality is based on continuous innovation and deeply embedded expertise. Lamello remains true to there roots, developing and producing top-quality products in Switzerland for discerning customers around the globe.
    Quality, precision and reliability - Lamello offers many years of experience in high-quality joining and woodworking technology.
    Durability and efficiency go hand in hand - Development and construction of products, are uncompromising and focus on practical solutions. The result is machinery characterised by its hard-wearing technology, sophisticated design and simple operation.
    System solutions - Lamello provide complete systems and application solutions, in keeping with our motto: Made to match perfectly

    • Size66 x 27 x 9.7 mm
    • CutterØ 100.4 x 7 x 22
    • MaterialFibreglass reinforced plastic (lever of zink die cast)
    • Installation toleranceLongitudinal ± 1 mm
    • Tensile strengthParticle board ~ 800 N / ~ 80 kg, beech ~ 1300 N / ~ 130 kg
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    Discover product in our flip catalogue:
    Article no. 720223
    Brand Lamello
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