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Axcaliber Premium Bandsaw Blade, 1790 x 12.7 mm, Tooth Spacings 2.5 - 1.8 mm

Fits No. 704806 .
Fits No. 704806.
Axcaliber Premium Bandsaw Blades
These blades are manufactured using advanced CNC machining, high-precision digital measuring equipment, specialised heat treatment facilities and are electron-beam welded. The special welding technique allows the production of virtually seamless saw blades. The Premium band saw blades is constructed from M42 high speed steel (HSS) and offer a long life saw blade, fatigue resistant, resistant to heat, abrasion and vibration. A vari-pitch tooth profile is used and reduces noise and vibration. The very low risk of damage due to accidental nail impact makes these blades ideal and is especially suited for man-made boards where the glues used have very little effect on the blade's life.
    • Tooth Pitch2.5-1.8 mm
    Discover product in our flip catalogue:
    Discover product in our flip catalogue

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    Article no. 704808
    Brand Axcaliber
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