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UJK Router Table Insert Plate Aluminium

UJK Router Table Insert Plate Aluminium
This 6 mm aluminium insert plate for router tables measures 229 x 305 and is designed to fit the...
This 6 mm aluminium insert plate for router tables measures 229 x 305 and is designed to fit the UJK Technology router table tops. It is supplied with a removable central insert ring with a 38 mm diameter hole and a wrench. This includes one that will accept a standard threaded guide bush for template routing. The insert plate will accommodate most portable routers and should be drilled to individual requirements.
Your Benefits:
  • Solid 6 mm aluminium plate
  • Threaded lead-in pin
  • To fit 230 x 306 x 6 mm aperture
  • Twist lock insert ring supplied with wrench
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    The ujk technology brand was launched by Axminster in 2012 to offer a range of carefully selected products. The range includes routing, measuring and wood jointing products.

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    Article no. 706574
    Brand UJK
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