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Baack Holsteiner Rüffel Spade D-handle, 115 cm


Baack Holsteiner Rüffel Spade D-handle, 115 cm
All-round spade for professional and hobby gardeners. Edge treads protect shoes from damage...
Preferred spade length if you are not taller than 185 cm (6 ft).
All-round spade for professional and hobby gardeners.
  • Edge treads protect shoes from damage
  • Special forging technique allows blade to be shaped without tapered handle opening, yet ensuring the same stability; thus the blade does not have any areas where the soil can accumulate
  • Ergonomic ash handle with natural finish for a secure grip
  • The blade gets thinner towards the edge, »sharpens itself« during use and penetrates the ground without effort
  • Trapezoidal blade reduces friction
  • 10 year warranty on the spade blade
Baack Spaten
Baack Spaten has been forging spades from a single piece of the best carbon steel in the tradition of the old masters since 1878. More than 150 hammer strikes produce a highly compact steel and thus a spade blade that is extremely break- and wear-resistant. Over a century of experience results in tools that enjoy a unique reputation among professionals from tree nurseries, the garden and landscaping trade as well as underground engineering.
D-handle: The continuous handle piece allows effortless working, because the fingers do not have to be spread, contrary to the T-handle. The handle of the spade is straight and the blade is slightly angled. This model is therefore designed for more precise work such as cutting out root balls.
Spade length: If you are taller than 185 cm (6 ft) , standard spades are often too short and not ergonomical to use. Therefore, a spade with a longer handle is recommended. By rule of thumb: When you extend your forearm out in front of you (keeping the upper arm by your body), the spade should reach your outstretched hand. This will ensure comfortable digging and avoid straining your back.
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    • Blade270 x 150 / 170 mm
    • Overall length1.15 m
    • Weight2 kg
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    Discover product in our flip catalogue:
    Article no. 717953
    Brand Baack
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