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Barnel Hedge and Bush Trimmer

Barnel Hedge and Bush Trimmer
This "monster" among hedge shears will impress you above all with its 4 mm thick forged blades...
This "monster" among hedge shears will impress you above all with its 4 mm thick forged blades and its robust design with angled handles. It allows you to shape even overgrown hedges effortlessly. An elaborate cushioning system minimises shock during cutting, while an oiler allows oil to be applied easily to the blades. In addition to a forged sap groove, the end of the blade is serrated to keep even the smallest branches in the shears.
Barnel Heckenscheren
Barnel, ein weltweit anerkannter Hersteller aus den USA, fertigt bereits seit den 70er-Jahren überzeugend gute Gartenwerkzeuge. Die meisten Barnel-Scheren besitzen ein patentiertes Ölersystem über das Öl mit Hilfe einer Applikatorflasche (z. B. Nr. 718275) direkt auf die Scherfläche gebracht werden kann.
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    Barnel, a globally renowned manufacturer based in the US, has been making superlative garden tools since the 1970s.

    • Blade length mm
    • Overall length mm
    • Weight g
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    Article no. 718257
    Brand Barnel
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