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Tina Budding Knife for Roses

Beautifully shaped budding knife with a bark stripper on the back of the blade; the pointed blade...
Beautifully shaped budding knife with a bark stripper on the back of the blade; the pointed blade tip makes this knife particularly suitable for roses. The hand-forged blade made of carbon steel (61 HRC) has a folding mechanism and possesses superb sharpness and durability. The polished walnut handle scales allow the knife to rest comfortably in the hand, even during longer periods of use. Single bevel.
Budding Knives
Also known as bud grafting, this technique involves placing one of the scion's "eyes" in a stock. Here, the blade tip on the budding knife is adapted to suit the different plant species (vines, fruit trees, roses) for which it is used. This type of knife also possesses a bark stripper to expose the cambium on the stock. The stripper is designed either as a separate tool or fitted to the back of the knife's blade. Single bevel for precise stripping of the bud.
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    As a company, Tina® from Württemberg, Germany, has manufactured garden knives for professional use in horticultural and gardening firms worldwide for over 150 years. Tina is synonymous in this context with superb, quality steel, ergonomic handles and cleverly conceived knife design.

    • Blade length45 mm
    • Overall length160 mm
    • Weight50 g
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    Discover product in our flip catalogue

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    Article no. 709164
    Brand Tina
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    a:3:{s:2:"DE";s:29:"Tina Okuliermesser für Rosen";s:2:"EN";s:28:"Tina Budding Knife for Roses";s:2:"FR";s:36:"Tina Couteau écussonnoir pour roses";}
    Tina Budding Knife for Roses

    Article number 709164


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