DICTUM Spirit Stains, Wood Shades, 8-Piece Set

For staining light-coloured wood, e.g. to match wood colours when replacing single wood elements...
For staining light-coloured wood, e.g. to match wood colours when replacing single wood elements and for restoration purposes.
8 bottles, each containing 30 ml, colours: wenge, light oak, medium oak, golden oak, brown oak, walnut, antique pine, dark jacobean.
DICTUM Spirit Stains
Quick-drying solvent-based wood stain with lightfast colour pigments. These stains do not cause the wood fibres to stand up. They can be used to add colour to nitro lacquers, spirit varnishes and acid-curing paints. These stains come in high-quality glass bottles, so - unlike with plastic bottles - there is no danger of the solvent element dissolving any plastic. This guarantees long-lasting impermeability and longer durability of the stains.
The colours can be intermixed or brightened by dilution. Dilute with cellulose thinner or ethanol (alcohol) 96 %. Create special effects like soft colour transitions by using a dilution to lighten the stain. For untreated wood surfaces only. Drying time 10-15 minutes at 20 °C. Apply with a brush or cloth, spray on or immerse.
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    Article no. 810152
    Brand DICTUM

    Hazard statement

    Highly flammable liquid and vapour. Causes serious eye irritation. May cause drowsiness or dizziness.

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    DICTUM Spirit Stains, Wood Shades, 8-Piece Set
    DICTUM Spirit Stains, Wood Shades, 8-Piece Set

    Article number 810152
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