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EcoLogix Peel Away Paint Remover, 10 kg

PeelAway is a new CHC-free (dichloromethane-free) paint remover and de-coater from the...
PeelAway is a new CHC-free (dichloromethane-free) paint remover and de-coater from the boatbuilding industry that is also ideally suited for stripping paint from pieces of furniture. Its unique formula makes PeelAway ideal for removing several coats of dispersion paints, house paints, one- and two-component paints, acrylic paints and carpet glue. After applying the product, you cover the surface with the supplied foil blanket. This prevents the product from drying out and makes it more effective, penetrating the coats of paint so that they can be stripped with a spatula. Comes with foil blanket (1m² per kg of product) and handbook. The 4- and 10-kg packs include a spatula.
  • Easy application with spatula, brush or airless spray system
  • Removes 95 % of all types of coating
  • Odourless and more eco-friendly than normal paint removers
  • No neutralising required
    • Content10 kg
    Article no. 450507
    Brand EcoLogix

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    Content: 10 kg (€18.20 / 1 kg)

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