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ASUSO NL Bangkirai Oil, 750 ml

For basic treatment and care of garden furniture, pergolas, hardwood terraces and anywhere...
For basic treatment and care of garden furniture, pergolas, hardwood terraces and anywhere outdoors where water can run off freely. Also suitable for fungicide-treated surfaces. Gives the wood a wear-resistant surface and beautiful bangkirai-colour emphasises the grain.
The ready-to-use oil is an odourless, diffusible and UV-proof natural refiner made from vegetable oil, balsamic resins, ferrous oxides and isoparaffin. The dyestuffs of the oil are specially designed for bangkirai, but the dark pigmented oil can also be used on other types of wood, such as oak and ash, to obtain a slightly darker hue. Suitable for interior and exterior use. Touch-dry after approx. 1.5 hours, hard-dry after 24 hours.
Coverage 40-50 ml/m² per coat.
ASUSO Nature Line (NL)
  • Refines and protects heavy-duty surfaces of wood
  • Penetrates the material deeply with a water-repellent finish for good protection against dirt and water; the wood is protected from the inside and thus retains its warm and natural feel
  • Easy to renovate, partial areas can be repaired or renewed seamlessly, scratches and dents can be easily sanded down and retreated
  • Open-pored surface allows the material to breathe and creates a positive atmosphere in a room; healthy, diffusible and free from electrostatic charge (important for those with dust allergies)
  • The waxed grain is emphasised and accentuated; a natural patina gives the wood a vivid texture and aesthetically pleasing appearance
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    • Content750 ml
    • ColourBangkirai
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    Discover product in our flip catalogue:
    Article no. 810070
    Brand ASUSO
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    ASUSO NL Bangkiraiöl, 750 ml
    ASUSO NL Bangkirai Oil, 750 ml

    Article number 810070


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