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Lignea Pure Tung Oil, 1 l

High-quality natural oil for indoor and outdoor use

Lignea Pure Tung Oil, 1 l
Lignea, the oil obtained from the fruits of the tung tree, has many uses both indoors and out,...
Lignea, the oil obtained from the fruits of the tung tree, has many uses both indoors and out, e.g. for indoor and outdoor furniture, decks, flooring, turned items, musical instruments, wooden toys and wooden boats and can be used for impregnating fabrics and even masonry. Tung oil is absorbed by wooden surfaces very quickly and hardens them after it has dried, making them mechanically stronger and highly water-resistant. It provides approximately twice as much protection as linseed oil. It deepens colours and enhances the contrast of the grain, but the wood retains its natural visual and tactile characteristics. The protective film is elastic, even in the long term, and, in contrast to linseed oil, darkens very little. If the finish becomes damaged, it can be easily retouched by rubbing more oil over the damaged area. Lignea can be applied without any problems, even in multiple coats, using either a brush or a piece of cloth, and can be thinned with turpentine or mixed with other vegetable oils (e.g. linseed or camellia oil) depending on the user's preference.
Tips: Tung oil in both its pure and liquid form has a distinctive smell that disappears after drying or when mixed with either orange oil or balsam oil of turpentine. Because of its odour, we do not recommend it for cupboard interiors. The tung oil offered here is ecologically sound. It is not pre-oxidized, nor is it mixed with chemical drying agents. Consequently, it takes up to two days to become dry (drying times vary considerably depending on the environmental conditions, type of wood and preparation of the surface). Once dry, the oil's film is chemically stable and free of dangerous emissions. Pure tung oil is relatively viscous, but its ability to penetrate can be improved by thinning with turpentine oil (No. 705288) or by warming.
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