Suehiro Multiform Stone, 3-Piece Set

Suehiro Multiform Stone, 3-Piece Set
Grit 280 (No. 711536 ), grit 1000 (No. 711537 ) and grit 3000 (No. 711538 ) in a set. White...
Grit 280 (No. 711536), grit 1000 (No. 711537) and grit 3000 (No. 711538) in a set. White aluminium oxide abrasive.
The stones from the original Suehiro series have a relatively soft bond and are thus designed for low-alloy carbon steels (Blue and White Paper Steel). The stones should be sprayed with water before use. It is not recommended to keep them in water permanently.
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    Suehiro is a smaller Japanese company which has been producing sharpening stones for three generations. Kenkichi Okumura, who founded the company, began with selling stones from his own natural stone deposit, which gained high recognition in the whole of Japan. These many years of experience in the field of natural stones enable Suehiro to successfully produce synthetic sharpening stones since 1964.

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