Replacement Cotton Pads for Shinwa Ink Line

Replacement Cotton Pads for Shinwa Ink Line
Fits No. 717442 . 3 pieces
Fits No. 717442.
3 pieces
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    Precise and durable measuring instruments - that work around the globe and in different languages, writing systems and units of measurement - play an essential role in the manufacture of any kind of product. For over 50 years, the Japanese company Shinwa Rules Co. Ltd. has stood for reliable, high-quality measuring instruments, manufactured with the needs of the user in mind. Over the decades, Shinwa has grown from a small workshop to a company with over 500 employees worldwide, earning the trust of customers through adaptability and consistently high quality. In addition to the excellent metal rulers with which Shinwa has made a name for itself, the product range now includes many other tools and devices for measuring.

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    Brand Shinwa
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    Replacement Cotton Pads for Shinwa Ink Line
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    Shinwa Ink Line

    Shinwa Ink Line

    Similar to a chalk line, an ink line is used to mark straight lines to wooden components. A fine silk thread is drawn out through ink soaked cotton wool, tensioned and then snapped against the workpiece. This allows you to mark very long...

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    Article No. 717442