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Herdim Endpin Reamer, Bass Oversized, Spiral Edges, Coated

Herdim Reamers
Made in Germany
Precision tools for shaping the peg, endbutton and endpin holes of stringed instruments. The reamer blades are made of High Speed Steel (HSS)
hardened to 62 HRC to guarantee exceptionally long-lasting edges.
Straight cutting edges
The triple straight cutting edges are particularly sharp and guarantee perfectly round holes. Boxwood handles.
Spiral cutting edges
The spiral design allows the wood fibers to be cut at an angle, resulting in completely chatter-free performance and perfectly round holes. Especially well-suited for working on sensitive old instruments whose pegboxes often have very hard medullary rays. Rosewood handles.
The titanium-nitride coating (TIN) triples the reamer's edge life, protects it from corrosion and reduces friction during use. By allowing a smoother and gentler cut, it also reduces the stress placed on the pegbox. The TIN coating does not affect the sharpness of the reamer.
    • Cutting edgespiral
    • InstrumentBass, Oversize
    • TIN-coatingTIN
    • Diameter - maximum46 mm
    • Diameter - minimum33 mm
    • Taper1/17
    • Working length221 mm
    Article no. 730722
    Brand Herdim
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    Herdim Stachelreibahle, Bass Übergröße, Spiralverzahnung, beschichtet


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