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Herdim Gluing Clamp, Cello

Herdim Gluing Clamp, Cello
Quick action due to 2 mm pitch trapezoidal thread Jaws and handles made of finely polished...
  • Quick action due to 2 mm pitch trapezoidal thread
  • Jaws and handles made of finely polished maple
  • Precise European design and origin
  • Replaceable self-adhesive rubber cork pads
Herdim Gluing Clamps
Made in Europe
When assembling an instrument, a quick and speedy action is required to preserve the glue correctly warm through the entire assembly operation. Therefore a quickly acting clamp is welcome. These Herdim assembly clamps use a steep 2 mm pitch of trapezoidal thread, which is uniquely used on 6 mm nickel-plated spindles. The design and European origin ensure a long durability of the clamp, the worn cork padding can be replaced with a new self-adhesive rubber cork padding, which is offered as a spare part.
    • InstrumentCello
    • Jaw opening100-145 mm
    Article no. 735643
    Brand Herdim
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    a:3:{s:2:"DE";s:29:"Herdim Zuleimschraube, Violin";s:2:"EN";s:27:"Herdim Gluing Clamp, Violin";s:2:"FR";s:32:"Presse de serrage Herdim, violon";}
    Herdim Gluing Clamp, Violin

    Article number 735642

    a:3:{s:2:"DE";s:28:"Herdim Zuleimschraube, Cello";s:2:"EN";s:26:"Herdim Gluing Clamp, Cello";s:2:"FR";s:37:"Presse de serrage Herdim, violoncelle";}
    Herdim Gluing Clamp, Cello

    Article number 735643

    a:3:{s:2:"DE";s:27:"Herdim Zuleimschraube, Bass";s:2:"EN";s:25:"Herdim Gluing Clamp, Bass";s:2:"FR";s:32:"Presses de serrage Herdim, basse";}
    Herdim Gluing Clamp, Bass

    Article number 735644

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    Article No. 735648


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