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Carbondix Prestige Carbon Bow, Cello 4/4

Finest carbon-fiber structure, braided Silver mounted Highest grade Mongolian horse hair...
  • Finest carbon-fiber structure, braided
  • Silver mounted
  • Highest grade Mongolian horse hair hank
  • Tourte-style head design
  • Fully lined ebony frog, finely finished
  • Parisian eye
  • 3-part button
  • Flamed abalone slide
  • Lizard pattern leather lapping
  • French lapping
Carbondix Prestige - For the professionals
New development in the Carbondix family
Designed to satisfy especially tonal demands of the top professional players, the stick combines perfect weight distribution with high stiffness and enhanced flexibility. Ideal blend of these parameters is an excellent and wonderful tone produced by this bow.
  • Precious "French" design
  • Enhanced braiding pattern of the stick
  • Balanced proportion between flexibility and stiffness
  • Perfect weight distribution
  • Best playability
  • Highest level of precise workmanship
    • MaterialCarbon
    • FittingSilver
    • EyeParisian Eye
    • InstrumentCello 4/4
    • Button3-part
    • SlideAbalone, flamed
    Article no. 145083
    Please inform me as soon as the product is available again.
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    €529.00 per piece(s)

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