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Kitchen Knives & Utensils

Western design hocho
Traditional hocho
Special purpose knives
Kitchen utensils

Hunting & Recreational Knives, Obsidian, Knife Kits

Hunting / Outdoor knives
Knife kits

Cases / Sheaths, Blades / Blade Blanks

Cases / Sheathes
Blades / Blade blanks

Razors, Scissors

Razors / Accessories

Dictum offers an extensive selection of high-quality knives. Ambitious and professional chefs will find traditional hand-forged Japanese knives (hocho), western-style Japanese knives and special-purpose knives here in our shop. Superbly designed hunting and recreational knives, scissors for a variety of purposes, as well as blades and blade blanks are just as much a part of our comprehensive range of cutting tools as knife kits and razors.

Knives - Workshops

Working with Leather
Wet shave

Knives - Expertise

Japanese knives expertise at DICTUM

Japanese knives - Hocho

"The hocho is the chef’s soul."

Sharpening tools - knives expertise at DICTUM

Sharpening tools

Vital for a sharp blade!

Steel terms | Knives expertise at DICTUM

All about steel

A brief guide to technical steel terms!

Razors Expertise at DICTUM


For a smooth cut!

Steel for cutting tools | Knife Expertise at DICTUM

Steel for cutting tools

Metallurgy, steel types and more.

Hairdressing scissors expertise at DICTUM

Hairdressing scissors

More than just cutting implements!

More helpful expertise.

Tips & tricks for handling knives

The right way to fillet fish - Tips & tricks at DICTUM

The right way to fillet fish

Tips on the use of kitchen tools – from selecting the knife to what makes a good fish knife. With a step-by-step guide to filleting fish.

More valuable tips and tricks from the team of experts at Dictum.

Knife videos

We also have a number of short and interesting videos about knives in our media library
Among others, we will show you some superb pieces by master smiths, taken from our Dictum crafts gallery (category "Knife-making").

You can also peer over the shoulder of a legendary Japanese master smith as he gives a practical demonstration on how wet stones are used correctly to sharpen kitchen knives.

Feel free to browse through the other crafts videos in our Download Section.