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Mühle Shaving Set »Kosmo«, 3-Piece Set, Bog Oak

Mühle Shaving Set »Kosmo«, 3-Piece Set, Bog Oak
A visually perfect shaving set delivered in a chrome stand. The handles show to their fullest...
Bog oak wood is not a wood species in its own right, but comes from oak logs that lay airtight under sand or mud in bogs for thousands of years. This preserves the wood naturally and lastingly. An expressive, dark colour develops due to the tannins in the bog. The scarcity of these tree trunks today makes this material a genuine rarity. Several polishes with fine oils provide an additional seal for the surfaces and give them a silky-matt finish.
A visually perfect shaving set delivered in a chrome stand. The handles show to their fullest advantage as a contrast to the elegant chrome fitting. Chrome is a corrosion-resistant and durable material with an elegant shimmer.
  • The shaver is compatible with the world’s most commonly used blade system Gillette-Mach3; its ergonomic design provides three horizontally arranged blades that ensure a smooth shave (blades are available in all retail stores)
  • The shaving brush is trimmed with fine badger hair that creates a pleasant massage effect and develops creamy foam; the so-called »mirror«, a black band running through the mainly silver shimmering hair, is a quality mark for best badger hair
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    Pure shaving culture made in the Ore Mountains: High-quality shavers, fine brushes and elegant wet shaving accessories have been produced in a small town called Stützengrün, located in the Ore Mountains since 1945. Mühle combines traditional craftsmanship with trend-setting designs. The results are beautiful and durable products.

    • ModelBog Oak
    • Weight190 g
    Discover product in our flip catalogue:
    Discover product in our flip catalogue:
    Article no. 709686
    Brand Mühle
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