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Mühle Safety Razor, Black Resin

Mühle Safety Razor, Black Resin
The traditional 3-piece safety razor with replaceable blades is considered by many as the first...
The traditional 3-piece safety razor with replaceable blades is considered by many as the first mechanic razor for personal grooming purposes. The model has a protected comb with smooth edges and is therefore also ideal for less experienced users. The black high-quality synthetic resin* handle shows to its fullest advantage as a contrast to the elegant chrome fitting. Chrome is a corrosion-resistant and durable material with an elegant shimmer. One blade is included.
* High-quality synthetic resin based on pigmented polyester is turned from solid, round rods and polished in multiple cycles in order to create an additional surface sealing and giving it a special shimmer. Handles made from this material are extremely durable and possess outstanding haptic properties.
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    Pure shaving culture made in the Ore Mountains: High-quality shavers, fine brushes and elegant wet shaving accessories have been produced in a small town called Stützengrün, located in the Ore Mountains since 1945. Mühle combines traditional craftsmanship with trend-setting designs. The results are beautiful and durable products.

    • Overall length95 mm
    • Weight65 g
    Article no. 709516
    Brand Mühle
    Ready to ship today, Delivery time 1-3 workdays within Germany
    €35.00 per piece(s)

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    Plenty of accessories and spare parts


    Razor Blades, 10-Piece Set

    Razor Blades, 10-Piece Set

    Ten Mühle razor blades, fit safety razors.

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    Article No. 709692

    Mühle Safety Razor Holder

    Mühle Safety Razor Holder

    Fits Mühle Safety Razors, article no. 709435 , 709638 and 709516 . The chromium surface is corrosion-resistant, particularly durable and has an elegant shimmer.

    incl. VAT plus shipping costs

    Article No. 709639


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