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Perceval Folding Knife L08 Damask, Mammoth Tusk

This knife shape closely follows the "Piémontais" model, which has been popular in France for...
Mammoth Tusk handle scales. This rare and very fascinating material is about 10,000 years old. The fossil tusks of the Siberian mammoth are won from permafrost zones or glacial ice. Every handle scale has a unique colour, as the originally creamy white teeth have been deposited under permanent frost over thousands of years and thus changed their colour in various ways. The rare greenish-turquoise discolouration is the result of mineral deposits of copper salts and Vivianit (iron phosphate). Comes with a pouch made of ostrich leather and an attractive gift and storage box.
This knife shape closely follows the "Piémontais" model, which has been popular in France for centuries. Due to its splendid rose Damascus structure, the blade which is made through a powder-metallurgical process creates a beautiful look. A smooth liner-lock mechanism makes sure the blade is securely locked. The handle back has an open design and thus accentuates the puristic design. The rounded shape of the handle lends the knife a very comfortable touch. Hardness 57 HRC, rustproof.
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    The company Atelier Perceval, which is based in the French knife capital Le Thiers, was founded in 1995. The factory's trademark is the select and often very extraordinary choice of materials used for the handle with high-quality finish for which the manufacturer offers a lifelong warranty. The knives are precisely made by hand and with no frills, lending them a timeless elegant look. The finely polished handle scales are mounted to stainless steel plates and fixed with three screws.

    • Blade length95 mm
    • Blade thickness2.2 mm
    • Overall length205 mm
    • Weight80 g
    • Scales materialMammoth Tusk
    Article no. 709843
    Brand Perceval
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    a:3:{s:2:"DE";s:41:"Perceval Klappmesser L08 Damast, Ebenholz";s:2:"EN";s:45:"Perceval Folding Knife L08 Damask, Ebony Wood";s:2:"FR";s:42:"Couteau pliant Perceval L08 Damas, ébène";}

    a:3:{s:2:"DE";s:48:"Perceval Klappmesser L08 Damast, Giraffenknochen";s:2:"EN";s:47:"Perceval Folding Knife L08 Damask, Giraffe Bone";s:2:"FR";s:47:"Couteau pliant Perceval L08 Damas, os de girafe";}

    a:3:{s:2:"DE";s:49:"Perceval Klappmesser L08 Damast, Wüsteneisenholz";s:2:"EN";s:50:"Perceval Folding Knife L08 Damask, Desert Ironwood";s:2:"FR";s:57:"Couteau pliant Perceval L08 Damas, bois de fer du désert";}

    a:3:{s:2:"DE";s:48:"Perceval Klappmesser L08 Damast, Mammutstoßzahn";s:2:"EN";s:47:"Perceval Folding Knife L08 Damask, Mammoth Tusk";s:2:"FR";s:55:"Couteau pliant Perceval L08 Damas, défense de mammouth";}

    a:3:{s:2:"DE";s:49:"Perceval Klappmesser L08 Damast, Mammutbackenzahn";s:2:"EN";s:48:"Perceval Folding Knife L08 Damask, Mammoth Tooth";s:2:"FR";s:54:"Couteau pliant Perceval L08 Damas, molaire de mammouth";}


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