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Le Francais Folding Knife, Carbon Fibre

Inspired by a knife from the 17th century, Perceval developed the model »Le Français«. The blade...
Handle scales made of finely structured carbon fibre. To produce this kind of fibre, thousands of microscopic carbon fibres are woven with each other and then fused using epoxy resin. This procedure creates an extremely robust material which provides a high tensile and compressive strength despite its low density. These excellent characteristics make it a first-choice material for many industry branches, e.g. in aerospace, mechanical engineering or sporting goods manufacturing.
Inspired by a knife from the 17th century, Perceval developed the model »Le Français«. The blade forged of Sandvik 19C27* steel has been hardened in liquid nitrogen (cryogenic treatment), which makes it extremely durable and easy to sharpen. A smooth liner lock mechanism makes sure the blade is securely locked. The handle back has an open design and thus accentuates the puristic style. Comes with a pouch made of ecologically tanned cowhide. Hardness 57 HRC, rustproof.
* Steel analysis: C = 0.95 / Si = 0.4 / Mn = 0.65 / Cr = 13.5 (in %)
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    The company Atelier Perceval, which is based in the French knife capital Le Thiers, was founded in 1995. The factory's trademark is the select and often very extraordinary choice of materials used for the handle with high-quality finish for which the manufacturer offers a lifelong warranty. The knives are precisely made by hand and with no frills, lending them a timeless elegant look. The finely polished handle scales are mounted to stainless steel plates and fixed with three screws.

    • Blade length90 mm
    • Blade thickness2.3 mm
    • Overall length200 mm
    • Weight70 g
    • Scales materialCarbon Fibre
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    Discover product in our flip catalogue:
    Article no. 709807
    Brand Perceval
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    Including sharpening pass, two free sharpenings.
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