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Saji Hocho Bamboo

Simply classic

The magnificently structured blade of 17-layer Suminagashi steel is based on the strict form of a...
The magnificently structured blade of 17-layer Suminagashi steel is based on the strict form of a Kozuka (a side-knife for use with a Japanese sword) and forms an attractive contrast to the magical natural bamboo. Handle and sheath of two glued shells wrapped with bamboo and lacquered. Carrying cord, lovely silk pouch is included. Cutting layer of White Paper Steel, hardness 60 HRC, not stainless.
Saji's Outdoor Knives - Hand Forged in Perfection
The Japanese master smith Takeshi Saji uses traditional components to fashion utility knives that have revolutionised the market - not only in Japan. Blades of multi-layered steel make these knives feasts for the eyes, while the steel used for the cutting edges lends exceptional sharpness and durability. The size of the handles is designed with European hands in mind, while a firm attachment of the tang and anti-slip features ensure that these knives are also ideal for heavy use. Saji's knives are characterised by highly functional design and a rustic finish alongside exceptional value for money. The master engraves his signature by hand on each of the blades.
    • Blade length100 mm
    • Blade thickness4 mm
    • Overall length210 mm
    • Weight85 g
    Article no. 709035
    Brand Sonstige
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    €279.00 per piece(s)

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    Saji Hocho Bamboo

    Article number 709035


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