Silky Hibiki Ryoba

This is the first version of the popular Ryoba saw made by Silky which provides teeth for...
This is the first version of the popular Ryoba saw made by Silky which provides teeth for longitudinal and diagonal cuts. The teeth have no set and thus leave the cutting surface grooveless, which is an advantage especially for sawn glued joints. The specially sharpened raker teeth on the taper ground blade reduce the cutting wear of the other teeth which increases the tool’s lifetime and prevent clogging. The hardchrome-plated (rustproof) blade has impulse-hardened teeth and therefore provides a higher wear-resistance. The high-quality, extra soft rubber handle is very comfortable to hold and thus provides a good and safe grip. Comes with a robust plastic sheath with locking mechanism that protects the blade from being damaged.
Ryoba Saws
With its two different tooth patterns, the Ryoba saw ensures optimum cutting performance not only across but also along the grain, making it the most versatile saw for carpentry and joinery. The thicker saw blade allows backless control and thus cuts of any depth flush to the surface. Because the teeth become successively finer from the tip to the tang, it is easy to start a cut and less force is required as the stroke progresses.
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    • Blade length 210 mm
    • Overall length 490 mm
    • Blade width 65 mm
    • Blade thickness 1 mm
    • Setting 1 mm
    • Crosscut teeth 1.5 mm
    • Rip teeth 2.5 mm
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    Cutting direction along the grain
    Cutting direction across the grain
    Article no. 712052
    Brand Silky
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    Silky Hibiki Ryoba
    Silky Hibiki Ryoba

    Article number 712052
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