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DC Fasttrack Diamond Stone, Medium-Fine

With magnetic insert. Fits No. 740830 . Dimension abrasive: 77 x 26 x 4.2 mm.
With magnetic insert. Fits No. 740830. Dimension abrasive: 77 x 26 x 4.2 mm.
DC Diamond Stones
Diamond Cross (DC) sharpening stones offer an excellent price/performance ratio with a high manufacturing quality. The lapping of the supporting plates and the stringent quality controls are performed at the company's headquarters in England.
  • Monocrystalline* diamond particles guarantee a long service life and excellent material removal
  • Uniform grit sizes and a dense diamond distribution for even grinding patterns
  • Cross-shaped recesses prevent clogging due to grinding debris
  • Permanently flat and warp-free thanks to specially lapped supporting plates made of steel with a stainless steel matrix
  • 3 year warranty for material and manufacturing defects! (damage from improper use is not covered by this warranty)
Monocrystalline* diamond-coated sharpening devices:
Diamond-coated sharpening devices remain permanently plane, and are especially suitable for tools with straight blades as well as for producing plane surfaces (e.g. backs of plane and chisel blades, plane soles, scrapers). Also suitable for carbide coated cutters, tool steels, HSS as well as non-metal materials (glass, ceramic etc.). We recommend moistening diamond-coated sharpening devices with water and grinding with little pressure.
* Monocrystalline diamonds are significantly more wear resistant than the polycrystalline diamonds used to make lesser quality diamond sharpening tools.
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    • Grit medium-fine
    Article no. 740835
    Brand DC
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