Herdim Retouching Varnish, 30 g

It has a lower fluidity and volume loss during drying, therefore excellently retouches especially...
It has a lower fluidity and volume loss during drying, therefore excellently retouches especially cracks in spruce. The lower hardness enables clean sanding and invisible finishing of the retouching.
Herdim Dry Spirit Varnishes
Compositions of Herdim dry spirit varnishes are based on classical recipes, using exquisite quality resins. The varnish is obtained dissolving the composition of the ready mixed resins in 96 % spirit.
  • The varnishes can be applied in thick layers of various hardness (base and finishing varnishes), which makes the final product highly resistant.
  • Applying the varnish in layers ensures that there are no cracks
  • Physiologically safe
  • Highly durable and resistant to abrasion
  • Odourless and easy to apply by brush
  • Gives an even and beautiful finish once polished
  • Suitable for open-pore coatings on fine to medium-pored timber
Herdim varnishes can easily be modified by adding oils (turpentine) or spirit soluble natural or synthetic colour pigments.
Herdim Varnishes for Violin Making
Violin varnish is a complex system composed of multiple layers with a different function. Herdim varnishes are designed as a complete lacquer system which ensures all these functions. The basic layers should be able to adhere safely the varnish to the wooden surface and enhance the beauty of the wood structure. Colour layers carry the main colouring agents and enable their blending and recombination. The top layers are convenient for polishing to a different level of gloss. The system is enough flexible to support the acoustical properties of the basic wooden construction.
    Further details on the manufacturer

    Herdim® is DICTUM®'s own brand for products in the field of musical instrument making.

    • Varnish Retouching
    • Content 30 g
    Article no. 450079
    Brand Herdim
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    Herdim Retouching Varnish, 30 g
    Herdim Retouching Varnish, 30 g

    Article number 450079