Robusuta Folding Saw, Dozuki Universal, Stained Beechwood Handle

This Dozuki saw with universal teeth is excellent for producing dovetail joints and all other...
This Dozuki saw with universal teeth is excellent for producing dovetail joints and all other kinds of wood joints. The ultra-thin and fine-toothed saw blade allows precise, tear-free cuts and the finest kerfs. The reinforced back stabilises the blade and reduces the risk of snapping. Ideal for all cuts across, along, and diagonally to the grain.
Robusuta Folding Saws
When extended, these folding saws satisfy all functions and the stability of a traditional Japanese saw; their handles have a particular shape that ensures an excellent grip. They are folded away using the robust yet easy-to-use toggle lever. This protects the teeth from damage and ensures that the saw can be tucked away neatly even in compact storage spaces. The blade can be replaced quickly and easily by loosening and tightening the positioning bolts.
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    • Cut depth 50 mm
    • Blade length 240 mm
    • Overall length 540 mm
    • Blade thickness 0.3 mm
    • Setting 0.45 mm
    • Universal teeth 1.5 mm
    • Handle material Stained Beechwood Handle
    Discover product in our flip catalogue:
    Discover product in our flip catalogue:
    Cutting direction across / along the grain
    Article no. 712333
    Brand Robusuta
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    Case for Akagashi/Robusuta Saws

    Case for Akagashi/Robusuta Saws

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