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DICTUM Shoulder Plane

Ideal plane for precision fitting of rebates, shoulders and grooves. Its high-precision body...
Ideal plane for precision fitting of rebates, shoulders and grooves. Its high-precision body seats solidly when finishing tenon shoulders. The mouth opening can easily be adjusted with a setscrew. The textured sides provide a good grip in any situation. Blade angle 18°, bevel angle 25°, resulting in a cutting angle of 43°.
We have developed our DICTUM plane series based on our Herdim planes. We have been making these planes for decades for our violin makers, who require the utmost precision and perfect workmanship. The solid plane bodies made from cast steel* with precisely ground soles aligned at right angles to the sides, together with the minimum 3 mm thick blades made from SK4 steel (61 HRC) signify top quality. The planes are also available with a Japanese blade made of Blue Paper Steel (63 HRC). The blade adjuster allows for precise adjustments and the ergonomically shaped handles developed through tests as well as the polished cap irons sit well in the hand. Handles of native red beech.
* unless otherwise stated
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    • Blade width 19 mm
    • Blade thickness 3 mm
    • Blade material SK4 Steel
    • Overall length 235 mm
    • Weight 980 g
    Discover product in our flip catalogue:
    Discover product in our flip catalogue:
    Article no. 703339
    Brand Dictum
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    DICTUM Shoulder Plane
    DICTUM Shoulder Plane

    Article number 703339

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