Availability and supply chains

Dear DICTUM customers,

As you may have noticed, we are currently experiencing delays in the availability of some products. Not only are the measures for dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic having an impact on our everyday lives, they are also affecting global trade. Supply chains are breaking down, resulting in complete production stoppages at some suppliers or severe delays in the usual logistics processes. Some raw materials such as wood and steel are also becoming scarce. The effects are becoming increasingly noticeable in Europe and thus also here in Germany. For you and of course for us as a company, this development means that some products are currently not available at all or only in very small quantities. Therefore, we cannot always reliably say when an item will be back in stock. Of course, we understand your frustration – especially if the chosen tool is for immediate use.

The shortage of some raw materials has meant that suppliers and manufacturers have raised their prices significantly in recent weeks. These price increases are naturally also having a noticeable effect on DICTUM GmbH. It has therefore been necessary for us to adjust our prices for the affected products accordingly.

We ask for your understanding in this matter as this is a situation over which we have only minimal influence. Our aim is to be able to offer you the full, high quality product range you are used to from DICTUM again as soon as possible.