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Lamello Fast Clip-in Connector, 50 Pairs

Clip-in connector with self-cutting edges

This product is no longer available.
Fast features self-cutting edges that anchor the connecting fitting in the wood. This allows Fast...
Fast features self-cutting edges that anchor the connecting fitting in the wood. This allows Fast to be inserted in the groove using a hammer and installation tool.
  • Quickly installed and ready for use without waiting times
  • Clip-in and detachable, without lateral movement
  • Can be applied with any Lamello biscuit joiner
  • With installation tool and clip for correct cutting depth
  • Attachable work pieces such as covers, panels and profiles
  • Detachable for inspection flaps or as a glueing aid instead of clamps
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    Pioneering wood joining - Since the dawn of the company in 1944, the search for new ideas, continuous improvements and system solutions has stood at its core. Lamello solutions pay for themselves! The high-quality is based on continuous innovation and deeply embedded expertise. Lamello remains true to there roots, developing and producing top-quality products in Switzerland for discerning customers around the globe.

    Quality, precision and reliability - Lamello offers many years of experience in high-quality joining and woodworking technology.

    Durability and efficiency go hand in hand - Development and construction of products, are uncompromising and focus on practical solutions. The result is machinery characterised by its hard-wearing technology, sophisticated design and simple operation.

    System solutions - Lamello provide complete systems and application solutions, in keeping with our motto: Made to match perfectly.

    • Size 56 x 12.7 x 4 mm
    • Cutter Ø 100 x 4 x 22
    • Material Plastic
    Article no. 720254
    Brand Lamello
    €47.90 per set

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    Lamello Fast Clip-in Connector, 50 Pairs