DICTUM Carving Tool, Winged V-Parting Tool 47/6 mm

DICTUM Carving Tool, Winged V-Parting Tool 47/6 mm
V-parting tools are popularly used in relief carving to delimit areas. Another important use is...
V-parting tools are popularly used in relief carving to delimit areas. Another important use is the cutting of even grooves.
DICTUM Carving Tools
Our sculptor’s gouges, available in a wide choice of sweeps and widths, are made of premium German carbon steel, hand-forged under a spring hammer by traditional company Henry Taylor of Sheffield, UK. This gives them supreme sharpness and excellent durability and makes them easy to resharpen.
  • Consistent hardness through modern hardening and annealing methods
  • Ready-to-use bevel
Hand-forged under a spring hammer for a dense structure:
  • Makes the steel stronger
  • Enables long edge lives
Rounded octagonal handle of red beech with shellac surface:
  • For easy tool alignment
  • Prevents the tool from rolling off the worktop
  • Provides a non-slip grip
  • Consistently thin blade for perfect balance and precise control
  • Wide forged-on shoulder with straight contact surface for optimum force transmission
  • Colour anodised, polished inner faces reduce light reflection during use
  • Perfectly polished outer faces for smooth guidance
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    DICTUM is dedicated to creating products which have a long service life and are free from substances that are harmful to the environment or health.

    For almost 170 years , our corporate philosophy has embodied:

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    • Overall length 220-280 mm
    • Blade length 110-150 mm
    • Sweep 47
    • Blade width 6 mm
    Article no. 701470
    Brand Dictum
    Ready to ship, delivery time 3-4 workdays within Germany
    €40.50 per piece(s)

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    plus shipping costs

    Including sharpening pass, two free sharpenings.
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    Blade width

    Article no.: 701470

    Sweep: 47
    Blade width: 6 mm