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Bertl Boots Classic, Size 45

The classic double-stitched boot from the Bertl series is the perfect workboot for at home, on...
The classic double-stitched boot from the Bertl series is the perfect workboot for at home, on the farm or in the workshop. The boots are made of 4mm-thick, greased Russian leather, which is almost fully waterproof. This thick material allows lacing without eyelets, giving the boots an elegant lightness.
  • Manufactured on asymmetric shoe trees for a perfect fit
  • Leather uppers allow fast removal of even deep scratches by simply napping the flesh side
  • Stabilizing rear cap, stitched from the outside using traditional techniques
  • Vegetable tanned insole for optimal comfort (suitable for those with allergies)
  • Profiled outsole with a high percentage of Indian rubber (similar to a climbing shoe) for strong grip
  • 100 % cotton shoelaces
When trying the boot, your heel should be 1-1.5 cm (finger width) from the back of the boot, with your toes touching the very front.
Double-Stitched Style
In shoe-making, the word »style« describes the join between the top and the bottom of the shoe. Double-stitched is the most robust style, traditionally used for climbing boots. In this technique, after finishing the first stitching, the upper shoe leather is curled up and sewn to the midsole. Turning the leather provides stronger protection against moisture. Double-stitching makes shoes particularly robust.
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    Bertl Schuhmanufaktur

    The Bertl Shoe Company uses traditional shoemaking techniques to produce shoes of exceptional quality and durability. Bertl focuses on traditional production technologies and the use of high quality materials. You can feel the results directly on your feet, even after years of wear. Bertl will replace any individual component at any time, providing uncompromising quality at low costs. Bertl shoes are made from 100 % German materials and entirely manufactured in Munich.

    • Size45
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